RenderAnts Pro

RenderAnts Pro is a feature-film rendering system that runs entirely on GPUs. The system is over one order of magnitude faster than existing CPU-based renderers while generating comparably high-quality images.


SPAP is a new programming language for heterogeneous many-core CPU/GPU systems. Standing for Same Program for All Processors, SPAP allows the same program to work efficiently on all processors of a heterogeneous system and fully utilize the heterogeneous processing power by automatically distributing computations among different processors.

Robust KD-Tree

Robust KD-Tree is a high performance library for real-time creation and traversal of high-quality kd-trees. It leverages the formidable parallel processing power of modern GPUs and incorporates carefully-designed memory allocation strategies to enable the real-time construction of kd-trees of scenes with millions of triangles.


FogGen is a real-time authoring/rendering system that allows artists to create, animate, and render realistic, inhomogeneous fogs in complex scenes. The system features airlight and shadowing effects and supports environment lighting, and is seamlessly integrated into Maya® and Motion Builder®.